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know, a life is taken. and it is so easy as it seems like it is senseless and people, they don't care now. and it is not precious to people anymore. >> i knew that they had gunshots because i know what they sound like as i got up and they started running. >> it'd be the rarest. >> reporter: he is the president of the rockville branch of the national association of letter carriers. he didn't represent barnett or the area where he was killed. but he has been the loudest voice in trying to get postal workers off the streets before it gets dark. >> i'm outraged. more than angry. and it didn't have to happen. i told them what the problems were. and they chose to ignore it. >> reporter: he's been outspoken about the dangers of delivering. he brought it up again last week in a meeting with the postmaster. last year with the district manager, he made a grim prediction. >> and he said something that somebody was going to or worse. or worse and that happened. >> reporter: the routes are longer as they are understaffed. they say after the tragedy, that something, it must change. >> reporter: and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1